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Migration complete (must read)

As the title suggests, we have completed migrating the server, and with that come some more changes.

  • Brand new website

    To ensure a quicker migration, so you all can log in and continue playing, we have only implemented the absolutely necessary website features. Within the next few days we will bring along the remaining areas of the website.
  • Brand new client

    In order to improve your gaming experience, we have built a new client which contains several improvements. One of the most notable enhancements will be the graphics. In addition to that, we have also updated our Auction House, and we certainly hope you like it.
  • Instant leveling

    Easy = 15, Normal = 30, Hard = 60, Ultimate = 70 (the game interface will be adjusted shortly)
    All characters will be ultimate mode from now on.

Of course, any migration of this size implies potential bugs. We hope we can rely on you, our awesome community, to report any bugs that you may find, and in turn we promise to take care of them as soon as possible.

Our plans for the nearest future also involve creating a new, better client, to enhance your gaming experience on our server.


In order to access the game after this migration, you will need to download the new client. You may find the download links on the Download page.



Thank you for your continuous support !