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Philippine donation options
Hello Divergians ! We are now accepting Gcash / SmartPadala / Palawan & Cebuana . If you would like to ...
Rules about sp for PvP/event videos.
The rules are one paid video per account. The only accepting is on very special events I will let ...

Patch Notes

02 Dec 2017
Christmas patch added, minor bugs fixed and new lapis on tier spender only enjoy!
Updates 10/31/2017
01 Nov 2017
-New Map added! Stat and perfect rec runes drop from new mobs and bosses. Stat rec runes 10% Perfect rec rune from boss ...


Medius Domination
11 Dec 2017
  Event Starts: 11 December, 09:00 Server Time Location: D-Water ...
Invasion Frenzy
11 Dec 2017
    Clash of Factions   08:00  server time  Duration: 10 ...
Death By Bacon
11 Dec 2017
  Event Starts: 12 December, 05:30 Server Time Goal: The goal is to kill all gold pigs ...
Clash of Factions
10 Dec 2017
  Clash of Factions   08:00  server time  Duration: 10 ...

Server Information


   Shaiya Diverge: Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra
   4PvP Areas: 15-60-70
   Game Server: ONLINE
   GRB Schedule: Every Saturday, 9PM
   EXP Rate: x500 | KILL Rate: x2
   NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv6
   FREE Shaiya Points by Vote & PvP rewards
   FREE Ending Equipments 15-30-60 for PvP
   FREE 30 Day's Consumables CRR, PID, EE
   PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting
   DDoS Protected Server

PvP Boss Timer

Boss Name Killed by Next Respawn in
Uriel NPA In Spawn Time
Ares Sm0k3r In Spawn Time
Diverge Alpha In Spawn Time
Ice Dragon TeddyBear In Spawn Time
Kimuraku WARHEADZ In Spawn Time
Seraphim yours In Spawn Time
Dios Exiel Traxex In Spawn Time
Ales [GS]Le In Spawn Time
Secreta JAC In Spawn Time
Dentatus [GS]Krypton In Spawn Time
Lumen GwynethPaltr In Spawn Time

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