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Upcoming Changes

Hello @everyone ~

Starting today, we have a few reworks and additions that are, and will, be put in place.

First, which can be observed currently, is that the DP Webmall prices have been adjusted to be more reasonable with the current in-game economy. These changes are effective now at the time of this announcement.

Changes that will be effective starting on Monday, December 17th:

• We will have another currency added to the Webmall named "Valor Points".
o Valor Points can be obtained by PvPing. 1 kill = 1 VP
o You are able to view the VP items in Webmall currently, however, no one will start gaining Valor Points until Monday
o Items available for VP are marked with a "V" coin

• Basic Costumes will be added to Webmall at the price of 500 DP each

o For those who want to have a “Custom Costume”:
• You must have your own costume files already, we will not be making custom costumes at this time
• PM an Admin on Discord to send your files + make the donation payment
• These costumes will be done through donation only at the price of 25 EUR

Promotional Event

We are happy to announce a promotional event on Shaiya Diverge! 

From December 17th to January 14th, every newly created character will automatically receive a special set to come and test out the server. 
Every character will be equipped with class-specific armor, weapons, capes, and accessories in their inventory. The items will be pre-linked, enchanted and rerolled. The restriction of these sets will be that you won’t be able to trade, enchant, link, extract or reroll them.

All items from this promotional event will be wiped on January 14th, 2019. This should be ample warning for everyone to prepare and make sure you farm your own items while you have this amazing set to use.


We hope everyone can make most of this opportunity and come try out Diverge! 

Make sure you join our Discord Server so that you can see our latest patch notes, events, giveaways and interact with other players on the server.
See you all soon~

Item Restoration

Greetings everyone,

Restoration of your items will no longer be as hard as it was, because it is now available on website through an automated process.

Please visit http://shaiyadiverge.com/Account/DeletedItems for more, make sure you are logged in before you proceed.

Instructions are given on the description of the item in-game or webmall.


Greetings Divergians,

It's been a week since we opened our server and we can proudly announce that Donations will be available on 2018-11-09. 

Keep in mind that we will run promotions for donations almost every month. Also, there are no extra packages than the items that already exist on our webmall.

P.S: We are also looking for Game Sages to improve the communication between players and our team. Please take some time and join our Discord server using the link which can be found on the menu bar, to apply for a position.

For instructions you may Direct Message a staff member.

We’re humbled and grateful that so many players have chosen to join us! 

Grand Opening

Shaiya Diverge just opened its doors to public.
You can join our discord here https://discord.gg/yU985zX to discuss anything related to Shaiya Diverge.
If you need any help with in-game or questions, you will be able to find a staff member in #help channel.
Diverge team wishes you good luck, enjoy your stay!